středa 25. srpna 2010

a zase ta strecha - and the roof again :(

Konecne se po dlouhe dobe dostavam k vlozeni par fotek. Oprava strechy nam zabira kazdou volnou chvilku a na nic jineho neni cas. Po odkryti nas cekalo nejedno desive prekvapeni! Neni mi jasne jak to Neil vsechno zvlada, ja bych to uz asi davno vzdala. Neni to oprava ale prestavba cele strechy a vic nez to......

Finally, after a long time I am posting few photos.  Fixing the roof is taking up all our time. There are many horrifying surprises and I don't understand how Neil is able to cope with all of it. I would give up a long time ago. This is not fixing but rebuilding the whole roof and more....

before and after

A z veselejsiho soudku.
Malemu Makeefovi je uz pul roku.Sedi, leze, ma dva zoubky a dela vsem radost. Jsem moc rada, ze bydli kousek od nas a tak se vidame skoro kazdy den:)

On a better note.
Little Makeef is 6 months old already. He is sitting, crawling, has 2 teeth and he is making us all happy. I am very glad that they live so close and we can see each other almost every day :) 

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